Género de plantas de la familia de las poáceas, orden Poales, subclase Liliidae, clase Liliopsida, división Magnoliophyta. ● Acroceras amplectens Stapf ● Acroceras attenuatum Renvoize ● Acroceras basicladum Stapf ● Acroceras boivinii (Mez) A.Camus ● Acroceras bosseri A.Camus ● Acroceras calcicola A.Camus ● Acroceras chaseae Zuloaga et Morrone ● Acroceras crassiapiculatum (Merr.) Alston ● Acroceras diffusum L.C.Chia ● Acroceras elegans A.Camus ● Acroceras excavatum (Henrard) Zuloaga et Morrone ● Acroceras fluminense (Hack.) Zuloaga et Morrone ● Acroceras gabunense (Hack.) Clayton ● Acroceras hubbardii (A.Camus)Clayton ● Acroceras ivohibense A.Camus ● Acroceras lateriticum A.Camus ● Acroceras macrum Stapf ● Acroceras mandrarense A.Camus    ◯ Acroceras mandrarense ssp eromoense A.Camus    ◯ Acroceras mandrarense ssp mananarense A.Camus ● Acroceras manongarivense A.Camus ● Acroceras munroanum (Balansa) Henrard ● Acroceras oryzoides Stapf ● Acroceras parvulum A.Camus ● Acroceras paucispicatum (Morong) Henrard ● Acroceras pilgerianum Schweick. ● Acroceras ridleyi (Hack. ex Ridl.) Stapf ● Acroceras sambiranense A.Camus ● Acroceras seyrigii A.Camus ● Acroceras sparsum Stapf ● Acroceras tenuicaule A.Camus ● Acroceras tonkinense (Balansa)Henrard ● Acroceras zizanioides (Kunth) Dandy

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